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Swimming at La Fortuna in the Arenal area. This was quite easily the best day of the entire trip. It’s places like La Fortuna I feel need to be preserved, because the rush and magnificence of such creations of nature can’t be replaced by something manmade or material. It is nature in its finest form, and moments like these are where we feel most alive and most in touch with ourselves. Without gifts of nature such as these, we will completely lose sight of what is actually important and valuable in our lives.

From: Lessons Costa Rica can teach us - Matador Network

‎MatadorU student Nisa Maier shares a photo postcard from India:

"I took this photo during my first trip to Varanasi in 2011…. The father [giving] his daughters a swimming lesson immediately caught my attention and the shot turned out to be one of the best taken that summer."