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10 tips for renting a private home as a vacation rental

  • 8. Be ready for the first and last day.

    Understand how you’ll get to the house and how you’ll get the keys. Ask for emergency contact information. You might also want to confirm the person meeting you speaks your language if you’re traveling abroad. Most likely you’ll be liable for any damages to the property during your stay. If staying for more than a couple of days, take photos of the home on your first and last day and send the owner a list of anything you think might be broken on day 1 so you’re not charged for damages you’re not responsible for.

  • 9. Get insurance.

    Some rental agencies might have a policy built into their rental agreement, but it’s a good idea to get your own. Some products can protect you before your trip if you have to cancel, and during your trip if you have an emergency.

  • 10. Be a good guest.

    This might be someone’s full-time home. Have fun, but return the property in the condition it was rented to you.

    —from 10 tips for renting a private home as a vacation rental

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