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Explore Fjord Norway - Mini Fjords

Fjord Norway is the actual source of most of the images you likely associate with “Norway” in general. The region runs along the country’s southwestern coast, comprising a dramatic landscape of fjords, mountains, cliffs, and islands, as well as some truly special cultural and culinary centers. For this exciting partnership, Matador dispatched a small crew of our most talented Ambassadors to traverse the region and do what they do best, be that kayaking world-class whitewater, trekking the regions epic trails, or simply photographing scenery that seemed be pushing to new levels just around that next curve in the road. Scroll down to see the stories and media they came back with. To see more articles, photos and videos from this epic destination go to http//

In 1984, the very first Winter Olympics taking place in a communist state was held in the unique and remarkable city of Sarajevo — then a thriving metropolis in the now-defunct host nation Yugoslavia, now the modern capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 2014 — 30 years after the Sarajevo Winter Olympics — the seaside Russian city of Sochi also held the attention of television viewers, in the way only a former communist nation in a world entranced by Western media can, as it played host to the XXII Olympic Winter Games.


Yugoslavia doesn’t exist anymore, except in the minds of Yugo-stalgic lovers of all things Tito. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a democracy. Russia has given communism the flick, moving toward a decidedly more corporatocracy. And the cities of Sochi and Sarajevo share something else in common — an abandoned Winter Olympic site. As Sochi begins its inevitable decay, perhaps the abandoned Winter Olympic bobsled track high on Mount Trebević above Sarajevo will be an eerily accurate bellwether for Sochi’s Imeritinsky Beach.


At the time, a record 49 nations participated in the 1984 Winter Olympics. Tens of thousands of spectators covering Mount Trebević cheered on the brave Sarajevo bobsled and luge competitors, as they raced down the 1.3km track at speeds of over 100 km/h, in snowy, blustery conditions. For several years after the Olympics, the Sarajevo bobsled track was used for world cup competitions. And then came the rub. When 1991 rolled around, the ugly and complex Yugoslav wars commenced, and the Olympic bobsled location was utilised by military forces as an artillery position.

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White-tailed eagle

On the island of Smøla, mid-Norway, the densest population of white-tailed eagles in the world is found. Tours guided by eagle experts will take you out to get close encounters with these huge birds. With a wingspan of an impressive 2.5 meters, they look like small aircraft.

From: 11 stunning images of arctic wildlife

Casually suggest we get a job at National Geographic.

The photographers who work for National Geographic have the best gig in the game, and they did not get it by casually dropping off a resume on Chris Johns’ desk. Most of them have been shooting for longer than I’ve been alive and they’ve got more connections than London Heathrow.

It’s not like these men and women are good. It’s like they are scary good. Sold your soul to the devil to take the world’s best pictures good. Suggesting that a photographer get a job at National Geographic is like asking a casual baseball fan why he isn’t playing for the Yankees.

Offer an opportunity to publish our photos but provide no payment, on the grounds that the exposure will be great for our career.

Exposure? If you don’t pay me the only exposure I’m going to care about is my body’s exposure to the elements from not being able to afford a place to live. This is a job. An awesome job, but still a job.

What it all boils down to is an understanding that being a photographer is not just about taking pictures. Understand that it takes hours, energy, and money to create images. If you’re respectful of that, you’ll probably not have to worry too much about being the victim of the best paid photographers out there: the ones with incriminating photos!

Tell us, “You have some great pictures, your camera must be really good.”

Have you ever stared at a beautiful painting and thought, “I wonder what type of paintbrush the artist used?” You would never assume the composition of the painting or the uniqueness of the subject was a product of a paintbrush. So don’t do that to photographers. A good photographer with a bad camera will always take better pictures than a bad photographer with a good camera.

This also applies to how you should spend your money on photo gear. Don’t go buy a camera for $8,000 when it won’t help you take better pictures than a camera that cost $2,000.


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2. You accept that places like East Redfern are real suburbs. Gentrification has brought great things to Sydney. The explosion of cool new pokie-free bars and pubs, a burgeoning set of top-notch restaurants and cafes, and greater scope for the city’s creative community. Gentrification has also displaced original residents and seen the creation of faux-suburbs by real estate agents looking to further price-gouge your already inflated weekly rent. But hey, it’s ok. You think East Redfern sounds pretty cool, and the Norfolk does do great tacos. (via 18 signs you were born and raised in Sydney, Australia - Matador Network)