Pretend not to like the word “wicked.” Elsewhere, people have meaningless slang like “eh” and “hella,” so no one’s gotta single out “wicked.” That’s like going out of your way to visit P-town (Provincetown is at the tip of Cape Cod, if you didn’t know), then whining that it’s too damn gay.

How to piss off a Masshole.  Do you know about this term?  It’s used to describe someone who lives in Massachusetts.  Awesome!

Tell us we’re located in China. 70% of the current Singaporean population is ethnically Chinese, but that doesn’t mean we are actually China, or located anywhere near it for that matter. True, most of our ancestors hailed from various parts of China, but they traversed hell and high ocean to get to where we are — a little island on the southern tip of Malaysia in Southeast Asia — so have some respect for that. For the record, we’re an independent country, small as we may be.

Dialogue of 5 travelers on their first night in Rome


Conversations of 5 Travelers on Their First Night in… Rome.

Fade in:

Int. Hostel common area — night

BLAISE is pouring wine for KEIRA, CELESTE, LUCAS, and TOM.


Now, this wine is from Colline di Levanto in the Liguria region of Italy.

LOWER THIRD: Blaise (The Know-It-All)


Look man, I don’t care if it’s from a toilet bowl. If I drink a lot of it, will I get drunk?

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