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Biking at Dead Horse State Point, Utah

2000 feet above the canyon floor, the Intrepid Trail system at Dead Horse Point State Park has over 16 miles of singletrack riding for all abilities. And the scenery is unbelievable. It’s accessible from the visitor centre’s parking lot. Check out more adventure videos at Http://

Explore Fjord Norway - Hiking Trolls Tongue

Fjord Norway is the actual source of most of the images you likely associate with “Norway” in general. The region runs along the country’s southwestern coast, comprising a dramatic landscape of fjords, mountains, cliffs, and islands, as well as some truly special cultural and culinary centers. For this exciting partnership, Matador dispatched a small crew of our most talented Ambassadors to traverse the region and do what they do best, be that kayaking world-class whitewater, trekking the regions epic trails, or simply photographing scenery that seemed be pushing to new levels just around that next curve in the road. Scroll down to see the stories and media they came back with. To see more articles, photos and videos from this epic destination go to http//

Moab is a Bikers’ Playground

All kinds of outdoor adventurers visit Moab, but it’s perhaps best known for its biking opportunities — of both the mountain and motorized variety. There are more than 10 different areas to ride, each with miles of trails that run the difficulty gamut from beginner to expert. (Note: No biking is allowed in the national parks.) Matador Ambassadors Yancy and Wyatt Caldwell recently scoped out the Moab biking scene and produced the video above. Their conclusion? There is WAY more terrain than can be explored on just one trip. As with any visit to Utah, you’re just scratching the surface. For more killer destinations in Utah and beyond go to

Where is your favorite place to sleep under the stars? Amazing night shot from #MatadorN reader @mbfnzz. Thanks for tagging #travelstoke!
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The Tiger’s Nest, a cliffside Buddhist temple at 10,240’ in the Paro Valley, Bhutan. Photo courtesy of Mountain Travel Sobek. Check out 50 places you can’t reach without climbing for more photos like this one — — #bhutan #travel #parovalley #tigersnest #mountain #cliff #temple #landscape #nature #travelstoke #matadorn