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How to get frequent flyer miles to take your mom on a trip next Mother’s Day

A radical proposal for Mother’s Day: Take a trip together using frequent flyer miles

Part I: Plan a plan.

Take some time for the rest of this week to think about where and when you’d like to travel together next year, and lay out a rough sketch. Do you want to travel to Yosemite together? Hawaii? Oman?

All are achievable, in theory. Pick somewhere fun!

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5 NYC restaurants for the perfect Mother’s Day brunch


Check out this list of great restaurants with awesome brunches, each suitable for taking your at-least-somewhat-unique mom to this Mother’s Day:

Dear Mom: I want to travel with you


I want to travel with you — just you. I want to explore a new place alongside the woman who raised me, who changed my diapers, who put up with my teenaged angst, and my rebellious college years. I want to see my favorite cities with the lady who taught me essential life lessons, like look both ways before crossing the street, and how to use a glue gun, that it’s not worth sleeping with every guy you meet, and that the most important thing in the world is to help others.

I want you to stop dropping me off at the airport for some trip I’m about to take, and start becoming my seatmate.

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