7 places to eat in Montreal

6. Au Pied de Cochon

536 Duluth Est
+1 514-281-1114

I’m also all about this place! Bear in mind that you need to reserve, but if your party isn’t unreasonably large and you call at least a few days in advance, it should be easy-peasy. You can also try showing up without a reservation, though I don’t know how long the wait is as I was able to sail right past the line to my reserved seating the minute I showed up.

Master of all things pork and maple syrup, Chef Martin Picard assembled a truly decadent menu to be avoided at all costs by dieters, vegetarians, and Gwyneth Paltrow. This is not the place where love handles go to die. It is, however, a place that holds flavor up to the highest pedestal.

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