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The Devil’s Cauldron, in Baños, Ecuador. Photo by #MatadorN reader @davidwright205. Loving all of these #travelstoke submissions - keep them coming!

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People aren’t the only ones enjoying this beach in Ecuador! The marine iguana is only found on the Galápagos Islands. Photo by blinking idiot. #ecuador #galapagos #espanolaisland #travel #marineiguana #nature #animals #travelstoke

"Combining a curious mix of Christian and pagan beliefs, the curanderos attempt to cure all that ails by driving out illness and evil spirits. For centuries, the indigenous people in Ecuador have visited the curanderos throughout the country, seeking their unique healing methods. Western hospitals are often too far away, too expensive, and the indigenous population often has more faith in traditional healing methods than in western medicine.”

—excerpted from The Fire-Spitting Curanderos of Ecuador

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“They’re fighting for the most important source of life on Earth — water. Will you fight with them?”

That’s the question posed by the ClearWater Project. This community-led initiative recently launched with one mission — to provide sustainable, clean water to the thousands of farmers and indigenous families in the northeastern Ecuadorian Amazon, where many of the rivers and streams have been poisoned by oil industry operations.

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