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Millaa Millaa Falls, #Queesland. Photo by #MatadorN reader @gregorsnell. Thanks for tagging #travelstoke!
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Whitehaven Beach in the Whitsundays, Queensland, Australia. Photo by #MatadorN reader @_markfitz. Thanks for tagging #travelstoke!
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10 signs you’re an Australian country kid

1. You know exactly what roo shooting is.

It’s Saturday night and you’re dressed in your best farm clothes. You’ve got an esky full of beer and a Ute full of friends. The working dogs are tied to the back and the guns are loaded. Welcome to roo shooting, social highlight of the week.

2. You call everyone mate. Even if you hate them. Actually, you’re more likely to call someone mate if you’re arguing with them.

Your best friend is your mate. The guy who makes your coffee is your mate. The random chick in the bar is your mate. That stupid drongo that didn’t indicate at the roundabout is your mate. As in, “Nice bloody indicating, mate!”

3. You love country music, even if you’re ashamed to admit it.

Growing up in the country and listening to country music goes hand in hand. However, as you move away from home and into the big city, you hide your roots because country music is massively uncool.

You give your country music playlists code names, and your old CD of Garth Brooks is hidden deep in your drawers. The fact that you know the words to “Texas QLD 4385″ by Lee Kernaghan will never be exposed until you’re safely in the premises of your local pub.

4. You tell everyone you’re from Sydney, even if you’re nowhere near it.

Coming from a small country town in Northern NSW, I’ve made the error in assuming people know Australian geography well. Even mentioning my state of New South Wales results in blank looks. It’s way easier to tell people who haven’t been to Australia that I’m from Sydney than trying to explain I live an hour south of the Queensland border, about three hours inland, in a town with a population of 10,000 people.

5. You have at one stage in your life ridden a horse, tackled a chicken, or tried your hand at bull riding.

It might have been a small calf that didn’t even buck, but you still rode it like you were Lane Frost.

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A famous white whale appeared off the coast of Australia last month, and notably did not terrorize any monomaniacal sea captains before biting off their legs and sinking their ships. Because yes, world, there is more than one famous white whale.

Migaloo, unlike Herman Melville’s famous Moby-Dick, is not a dick, and is generally thought of as a relatively friendly cetacean. Migaloo is Aboriginal Australian for “white fella,” and is one of the world’s only known albino humpback whales.

On moving from Kentucky to Australia

1. Kentuckians are nicer than Australians.

In Kentucky, everybody is always friendly no matter what. It’s almost as if people trip over themselves to say hello, or call you “partner,” or hold the door for you. In Australia, it seem like the reverse is true. You’ll get a lot more icy stares and avoiding eyes. The meaner friends are to you, the more they like you (“taking the piss”).

Kentuckians live by the old adage, “If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all.” Aussies are happy to shit all over your weaknesses.

2. A Kentuckian takes 30 words to say something an Aussie can say in one.

Kentuckians spend hours and hours talking. Whether it’s in line at the post office or at the grocery store, it’s a contest for who can tell the longest story. A completely uneventful trip to grandma’s can be retold for three hours.

Aussies are famed for being laconic. Every single word gets shortened. Even though it has the same number of syllables, breakfast has to be “brekkie.”

3. Kentuckians eat like shit.

In Kentucky, people believe that authenticity can be bought and bought for cheap. Want authentic Italian? Head down to the drive-thru, where a “real” Italian meal is $5. And it comes with a five-megalitre plastic cup of Coke. Are you a parent with a picky eater? No problem! You can choose from an array of frozen mini corn dogs and pizza chips. Or what the hell, just feed your precious little darling some popcorn and chocolate cake for dinner.

Plenty of Aussies eat junk food, and McDonald’s (Macca’s) is quite popular, but the average Australian has a better grasp of the five basic food groups. An Aussie understands that a salad tastes better when it doesn’t come in a plastic container. And apples don’t need to be pre-sliced for convenience.

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Who knew you could ride camels on the beach in #Australia? Photo by @paulmichael via @thekimberleyaustralia. Thanks for tagging #travelstoke!

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Kalbarri National Park in Western Australia. Photo from #MatadorN reader @gregorsnell. Thanks for tagging #travelstoke!

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2. You accept that places like East Redfern are real suburbs. Gentrification has brought great things to Sydney. The explosion of cool new pokie-free bars and pubs, a burgeoning set of top-notch restaurants and cafes, and greater scope for the city’s creative community. Gentrification has also displaced original residents and seen the creation of faux-suburbs by real estate agents looking to further price-gouge your already inflated weekly rent. But hey, it’s ok. You think East Redfern sounds pretty cool, and the Norfolk does do great tacos. (via 18 signs you were born and raised in Sydney, Australia - Matador Network)

Wow, #MatadorN reader @gregorsnell is enjoying an amazing view in #WesternAustralia! #Travelstoke!

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#MatadorN reader @benknapinskiphotography catching the sunset at #WyadupBeach, #Australia. Thanks for tagging #travelstoke!

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