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How to travel iceland on a budget

1. Pick up your booze in duty free.

At the Halifax airport, before flying out, my friends and I each picked up some supplies to get us through the weekend. What we DIDN’T think about, however, is that you can also pick up booze at duty-free in the Reykjavik airport when you land. Damn.

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“ 9. The game of life When you get your drink, fuck with the container. Turn the can’s tab. Tear the bottle’s label. Somebody’s going to come up to you and ask, “How you livin’?” If you’ve remembered to fuck with the container, you get to say, “I’m living well!” You’ll cheers and drink with your friend. But if you’ve forgotten to mess with the bottle, well, sorry buddy, but you’re living poorly. You need to finish that beer and buy another one. This rule comes straight from Washington DC, where checking up on the lives of foreigners is rapidly becoming the norm. ”

A Gabor Rom man selling kazan at the market. Kazans are stills used to distill plum brandy, known as palinka in Hungarian. Nearly every family brews their own, and Transylvanian palinka is known for its strength, usually about 100˚ proof.

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